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GSTHC Code of Ethics


  • Respect private property and will not detect without permission.

  • I will use “Best Practice” in recovering a target and replacing soil.

  • I will abide by all local, state, and federal regulations regarding metal detecting.

  • I will pack out all trash recovered or discovered while detecting.

  • I will be an ambassador for the metal detecting hobby. 

*A More Comprehensive, Generally Accepted Metal Detectorist’s Code of Ethics (adapted from

• Always check federal, state, county and local laws before searching. It is your responsibility. 

• Abide by laws, ordinances, and regulations that may govern your search and the area you will be.

• Never trespass. Always obtain permission prior to entering private property.

• Do not damage, deface, destroy, or vandalize property, including deserted structures.

• Never litter. Pack out what you take in. Remove all trash dug in your search.

• FILL ALL HOLES. Regardless how remote your location. Dig so as to not damage vegetation.

• Do not build fires, camp at or park in non-designated or restricted areas.

• Leave all gates and other accesses to land as found.

• Never contaminate wells, creeks, or any other water supplies.

• Be courteous, considerate, and thoughtful at all times.

• Report finds of any item of historic significance to the local historical society or proper authorities.

• Uphold all finders, search and salvage agreements.

• Promote responsible artifact recovery, historical research, and share knowledge with others.

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