The Granite State Treasure Hunters Club for Historic Preservation was formed in May of 1974 by Don and Paulette Wilson. Our Club is dedicated to the metal detecting hobby with the intent to promote treasure hunting through safe and responsible practices. Our Club is the oldest registered club of its kind in New Hampshire and in 1980 our newsletter, the Diggers Digest was created in order to keep our members informed of club activities.  

Club meetings are presently held on the third Sunday of each month (Auburn, NH during the winter and all over NH and MA for group hunts). We provide our members with training in the proper use of their detectors and associated equipment. Joining the Granite State Treasure Hunters Club entitles you to participate in all functions of the club with regard to applicable fees. We have field trips between April and October on the third Sunday of the month.
The future of this hobby depends on all of us, we should all work together to make the public aware of it. Your membership and participation in this club provides you with a greater knowledge of the hobby along with an understanding of proper ethics. With this knowledge, members understand the framework that they must work within, especially when “searching ” on private property. We thank you for reading this information about our club and we hope that the information we have given you is enough to interest you to want to become a member of the Granite State Treasure Hunters Club for Historic Preservation. We do not restrict the membership nor limit the members to the state of New Hampshire, as we have members from Maine and Massachusetts as well.

We are always looking for new people to share the excitement of treasure hunting and welcome all, from the experienced pro to someone brand new to treasure hunting.

New to metal detecting and looking for some equipment? Click here to read about some exclusive discounts for members of our club and visitors to our website.

Or if you’ve lost an item (ie – lost ring, necklace, etc..), use our Lost Item Contact Form and someone from our club will be happy to come out and help you!

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